Tuesday, November 25, 2008

XTreme Power XPH-5800T

XTreme Power XPH-5800T
The XTreme Power XPH-5800T is a powerful heated carpet steam cleaner. This machine is one of Daimer’s robust commercial steam cleaners. Unlike steam cleaners, this heated carpet steam cleaner does not contain a boiler tank, but rather uses a different type of heating element to reach its commanding temperature. Using a 1-tank heating element, the XPH-5800T is capable of reaching high temperatures of up to 150º F for the added cleaning power that heat provides over non-heated carpet cleaners, capable of killing germs embedded in carpets. Rapidly reaching temperature in only 15 minutes is another added benefit of the XPH-5800T. Though heated carpet cleaners are more expensive than non-heated units, the XPH-5800T has extreme cleaning capabilities far beyond that of standard carpet cleaners or extractors that are not heated. Additionally, while other carpet cleaners may take more than 24 hours for carpets to dry, carpets cleaned with the XPH-5800T dry in only 4.

Weighing a mere 40 lbs., this carpet cleaner is a highly portable unit, ideal for virtually any commercial application requiring steam carpet cleaners that can be easily moved. Additionally, this machine has a 4.5 gallon solution tank and 4 gallon recovery tank. This allows for the addition of chemicals for added cleaning power.

Adding to the power of this steam carpet cleaner, the XPH-5800T is driven by a 2 stage motor creating a 100 inch water lift, 100 cfm air flow and 60 psi pump pressure; providing this machine with immense extraction capabilities in addition to the cleaning power of its heated functionality.

The XTreme Power XPH-5800T is made up of only the highest quality components, as are all of Daimer’s carpet cleaners. This includes a 10 inch single jet cleaning wand with a special grip handle and two 20 foot hoses, a vacuum hose and a solution hose. That is a 10 foot upgrade on both for Free! Additionally, customers can choose to purchase an optional upholstery wand for more versatile cleaning.

For allergy sufferers, the use of steam carpet cleaners like the XPH-5800T combined with Eco-Green® Carpet Care is the ideal combination for removing allergens and relieving allergy and asthma symptoms.