Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why Non-Heated Carpet Cleaners Are a Good Investment

A number of people may think investing in non-heated carpet cleaners may be a waste of money. However, these carpet cleaning machines are ideal for a number of applications. For users who do not require the additional power afforded by heat for removing stains or for users who need to clean heat-sensitive carpets, these machines are a great investment. The following are a few reasons why non-heated carpet cleaning machines are a smart investment.

Non-heated carpet cleaners can be used to clean virtually all kinds of carpets and seats. Heated machines can be used only on the surfaces that can withstand the output temperature of these machines. While the cleaning power of non heated models is less than their heated counterparts, using green chemicals along with carpet cleaners can compensate for the loss of power.

hese machines are easy to operate and require low maintenance, as they lack a heating element. Users simply pre-spray the carpet with a green chemical, like Eco-Green Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner. Then inject water and solution into the carpet using the machine. Subsequently, users extract out all dirt, water, and solution for thoroughly cleaned carpets.

Low Cost
The price of non-heated carpet cleaners is much less than that of heated models, as they lack a heating element.

How to Find Machines
Daimer®, a reputable distributor of carpet cleaners, offers many models of non-heated carpet cleaners in its XTreme Power® series. For further information about these products, log on to, and check out the XPC range of machines within the XTreme Power® series.