Tuesday, November 25, 2008

XTreme Power XPC-9200

The XTreme Power XPC-9200 is one of Daimer’s highest capacity and most powerful carpet cleaners available. This non-heated unit is powered by two robust 2 stage motors, providing this unit with a pump pressure of an astounding 100 psi. This combined with a 150 inch water lift and 200 cfm air flow makes the XPC-9200 the ideal carpet cleaner for virtually limitless commercial applications.

Further adding to the XPC-9200’s ability to meet the needs of the most demanding commercial applications is this machine’s capacity. With the highest capacity offered in Daimer’s line of carpet cleaners, the XPC-9200 has a 17 gallon solution tank and 15 gallon recovery tank. This allows for the additional use of chemicals to extend the cleaning power of the XPC-9200. Eco-Green® Carpet Care is an ideal, safe, bio-based solution to be combined with the XPC-9200 for the ultimate, environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning duo.

While heated machines afford additional cleaning power and can kill allergens and germs, the XPC-9200 has immense extraction capabilities for the effective and efficient suction up of dirt, grease and grime form a variety of carpet surfaces.

As with all of Daimer’s carpet cleaners, the XTreme Power XPC-9200 features the unique low-flow technology which uses much less water than other carpet cleaners in the industry. This low-moisture feature results in much drier carpets right after cleaning. Competing carpet cleaners have a 24 hour drying time. However, Daimer’s carpet cleaners boast much faster drying times. Carpets cleaned with the XPC-9200 can dry in only 6 hours. This allows users to save their energy and valuable time while achieving the cleanest carpets out there.

Carpet cleaners are made even more effective by the addition of useful accessories. The XTreme Power XPC-9200 comes with a 12" dual jet wand with a special grip handle, a 25’ solution hose and a 25’ vacuum hose. Customers can also choose to purchase optional upholstery and stair wands to further add to the versatility of this commanding carpet cleaner.

Additional power options include the choice of alternative pumps with a pressure of 300, 250, or 150 psi.