Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why Better Carpet Cleaning Equipment means Better Office Efficiency

Carpet Cleaning Equipment
When people think of increased office efficiency in government buildings, they don’t usually think of carpet cleaning equipment. The truth is that carpet cleaning machines play a subtle but strong role in how an office operates. Office carpets take more of a beating than people realize, and are often subject to different kinds of dirt, debris and stains that other carpets don’t deal with. These carpets don’t just pick up large amounts of dirt, they need to be cleaned thoroughly as well. After all, a carpet that looks shoddy and dirty isn’t going to make a good impression on visitors and it certainly won’t help office morale. At the same time, many offices don’t want to invest in steam carpet cleaning machines and rug steam cleaners that will lead to long drying times.

A Frustrating Experience

The problem with a lot of conventional carpet cleaning equipment is that they leave the carpets very wet after cleaning. This leads to excessively long drying times, during which the office will have to barricade the area, so that the carpet can dry properly. This can be a major inconvenience, especially in high-traffic areas. Apart from that, damp carpets don’t always have a chance to dry out thoroughly, especially in a humid climate. This can lead to foul odours, as well the growth of germs and bacteria in the damp material. The best office cleaning machines are those that use less water and more extraction power for cleaning.

Carpet cleaning equipment, that uses low water flow technology, allows carpets to dry out much faster, sometimes in just a matter of a few hours. Carpets can be cleaned during the night and be clean and dry by office hours the next morning. A number of the carpet cleaning units from Daimer® come with low water flow technology and are eco-friendly too.