Thursday, April 3, 2014

Powerful Carpet Cleaners for Effective Hotel Room Cleaning

When people enter a hotel, one of the first things they notice is the general décor of the place and how well-maintained it is. Carpets are among the most important aspects of interior décor that can definitely impress customers, if maintained at its best. To ensure that your carpets remain free of dust, dirt and stains, it would be a great idea to invest in high-grade carpet cleaning machines.

Give your carpets extra care

Vacuuming is often not enough to eliminate tough stains and other deposits from carpeted surfaces. Trying to clean off stubborn deposits by scrubbing with harsh chemicals can seriously damage the color, texture, and appeal of expensive carpets in hotels. Cleaning experts, therefore, recommend using powerful carpet shampooers to handle such applications.

Innovative carpet cleaning technologies

Reputed distributors now offer an amazing array of powerful carpet cleaning machines equipped with the latest and most advanced cleaning technologies.

Although customers get to choose from heated and non-heated versions, experts recommend purchasing the heated versions for use in hotels. Temperatures as high as 210ºF help dissolve tough grime from carpeted areas. For best results, choose carpet shampooers with adjustable temperature settings that help maintain even the most delicate of carpets.

The low flow cleaning function in the best carpet cleaner systems helps maintain vast carpeted areas in hotels while keeping water usage to a minimum. Use of low volumes of water implies that carpets do not get too wet and are thus able to dry faster. In fact, carpets will be clean and ready for use within 1-6 hours, if you switch to low flow commercial carpet wash equipment.

Carpet washing systems come with portable and mobile configurations to enable easy maintenance of carpeted corridors, stairs, and rooms in hotels. Versatile carpet shampooers are also great for maintaining upholstered surfaces. Turn to leading suppliers to purchase the right carpet washer for your needs.