Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Clearing up Myths about the Carpet Steam Cleaner

Among the different carpet cleaning machines that are available on the market today, the carpet steam cleaner has emerged as one that is not just effective, it seems to be a bit confusing as well! Many people are under the misconception that these units are similar to steam cleaners and use steam for cleaning different kinds of carpet and upholstery. The truth is that these units do not use steam at all during the carpet cleaning process. So why the name ‘carpet steam cleaner’? This is because the units emit steam while cleaning. These units usually use hot water to tackle tough carpet cleaning tasks. Using direct steam to clean carpets and upholstery is not always a good idea.

Shrink and Burn
Steam cleaning units emit steam that is heated to very high temperatures. Certain carpet and upholstery material such as wool is sensitive to high heat. Steam can actually cause these kinds of materials to shrink. Some synthetic carpets may get singed or burned under high steam temperatures. A carpet steam cleaner that simply emits steam and uses hot water for cleaning is a far more efficient cleaning option. This kind of carpet steam cleaner injects water into the carpet, which works to soften the stains and loosen debris that has settled deep into the material.

It is also worth noting that some of the most effective carpet shampoo machines and carpet steam cleaner systems are those that use less water during the cleaning process. These units from Daimer® use increased extraction powers to loosen and remove dirt and debris. This reduced water usage allows the carpets to dry out quickly and thoroughly.