Tuesday, November 25, 2008

XTreme Power XPH-9650

carpet cleaners by Daimer ® are highly powerful, industrial steam carpet cleaners. These steam carpet cleaners feature astounding pressure levels up to 500 psi, higher than virtually any other carpet cleaners on the market. Add to this high steam cleaning temperatures up to 210ºF, and the result is one powerful steam carpet cleaner, the XTreme Power ® XPH-9600.

Both rugged and durable, these steam carpet cleaners are built with only the highest quality components. The two inline heating elements allow the XPH-9600 to reach full operating temperature in only 5 minutes! This is nothing compared how these carpet cleaners make use of Daimer®’s exclusive low-flow technology. This technology allows users to clean carpets without leaving them damp for extended periods of time. Daimer®’s carpet cleaners, like the XPH-9600, leave carpets drier allowing them to dry completely in only 2 hours! Other competing carpet cleaners can leave carpets unable to dry fully in 24 hours.

The extreme high pressure allows these steam carpet cleaners to be used for cleaning hard surface and tile with the purchase and use of the additional 12”, 4 nozzle squeegee wand. This allows for simultaneous extraction and cleaning on porous hard surfaces; allowing efficient cleaning of kitchen tile, limestone, travertine, ceramic, sealed concrete, marble, and more.

With the use of the optional upholstery wand, users can turn these commanding steam carpet cleaners into powerful commercial upholstery cleaning machines. As you can see, with the many options that Daimer ® offers, the XTreme Power ® XPH-9600 carpet cleaners are the most versatile and powerful machines available.

XTreme Power XPH-9300

The XTreme Power XPH-9300 is one of Daimer’s robust commercial grade heated carpet cleaners. Also known as a carpet steam cleaner, this commanding unit has an enormously high capacity and features the heightened cleaning power that heat supplies. Like the XPH-5900i, the XPH-9300 is capable of reaching high temperatures up to 210º F, but this carpet cleaner can do so in only 3 to 5 minutes. This is immensely faster than other steam carpet cleaners in the industry. The XTreme Power XPH-9300 does so through the use of its two powerful inline heating elements.

The Xtreme Power XPH-9300’s immense capacity is result of its 17 gallons solution tank and 15 gallon recovery tank. This allows for prolonged use of the machine without having to stop and refill, as is necessary with many other carpet cleaners on the market which have a much lower capacity.

The powerful extraction capabilities of the XTreme Power XPH-9300 are due to its two powerful 2 stage motors which provide for a pump pressure of 100 psi, 150 inch water lift and 200 cfm air flow. To enhance its flexibility, customers have the ability to customize their machine with alternative pumps: 300, 250 and 150.

The XTreme Power XPH-9300 is no exception to Daimer’s reputation for quick drying, low-moisture carpet cleaners. Using unique low-flow technology, the XPH-9300 leaves carpets drier, capable of drying fully in only 2 hours! Other carpet cleaners in the industry require 24 hours or more for complete drying. This not only saves users time, but it prevents the appearance of harmful mold and mildew problems that can result when water is left in carpets for too long and seeps into the fibers.

One thing users must be careful of when using carpet cleaners is their choice of chemicals to add to their machine to expand their cleaning power. However, when the XTreme Power XPH-9300 is used with Eco-Green® Carpet Care, the result is an effective and environmentally-safe carpet cleaning process.

For added flexibility, the XPH-9300 is paired with a 12 inch dual jet wand that has a special grip handle, a 25’ solution hose and a 25’ vacuum hose. Upholstery and stair wands are also available for purchase and use with the XTreme Power XPH-9300.

XTreme Power XPC-9200

The XTreme Power XPC-9200 is one of Daimer’s highest capacity and most powerful carpet cleaners available. This non-heated unit is powered by two robust 2 stage motors, providing this unit with a pump pressure of an astounding 100 psi. This combined with a 150 inch water lift and 200 cfm air flow makes the XPC-9200 the ideal carpet cleaner for virtually limitless commercial applications.

Further adding to the XPC-9200’s ability to meet the needs of the most demanding commercial applications is this machine’s capacity. With the highest capacity offered in Daimer’s line of carpet cleaners, the XPC-9200 has a 17 gallon solution tank and 15 gallon recovery tank. This allows for the additional use of chemicals to extend the cleaning power of the XPC-9200. Eco-Green® Carpet Care is an ideal, safe, bio-based solution to be combined with the XPC-9200 for the ultimate, environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning duo.

While heated machines afford additional cleaning power and can kill allergens and germs, the XPC-9200 has immense extraction capabilities for the effective and efficient suction up of dirt, grease and grime form a variety of carpet surfaces.

As with all of Daimer’s carpet cleaners, the XTreme Power XPC-9200 features the unique low-flow technology which uses much less water than other carpet cleaners in the industry. This low-moisture feature results in much drier carpets right after cleaning. Competing carpet cleaners have a 24 hour drying time. However, Daimer’s carpet cleaners boast much faster drying times. Carpets cleaned with the XPC-9200 can dry in only 6 hours. This allows users to save their energy and valuable time while achieving the cleanest carpets out there.

Carpet cleaners are made even more effective by the addition of useful accessories. The XTreme Power XPC-9200 comes with a 12" dual jet wand with a special grip handle, a 25’ solution hose and a 25’ vacuum hose. Customers can also choose to purchase optional upholstery and stair wands to further add to the versatility of this commanding carpet cleaner.

Additional power options include the choice of alternative pumps with a pressure of 300, 250, or 150 psi.

XTreme Power XPH-5900i

The XTreme Power XPH-5900i is one of Daimer’s highly powerful steam carpet cleaners. Offering more cleaning power than the XPH-5800T, the XPH-5900i consists of two robust inline heating elements. These heating elements allow the XPH-5900i to reach high temperatures of up to 210º F. This heated option provides for much greater cleaning power that afforded by non-heated carpet cleaners or carpet cleaners only heated by one heating element. Additionally, this rugged carpet cleaner has the capacity to reach full temperature in only five minutes, much faster than other carpet cleaners in the industry.

Not only does the XTreme Power XPH-5900i heat extremely fast, but carpets cleaned with this carpet cleaner dry extremely fast. While other carpet cleaners on the market often require 24 hours of drying time, the XPH-5900i uses low-flow technology which leaves carpets drier. Carpets cleaned with this machine dry in only two hours. This low moisture technology not only makes the user’s carpet cleaning job easier and more efficient, but it prevents the appearance of carpet problems caused by lengthened exposure to water, like the growth of mildew or mold once water seeps deep into the carpet.

The commanding 2 stage motor that powers this machine provides it with a 100 inch water lift, 100 cfm air flow, and a pump pressure of 60 psi; making the XTreme Power XPH-5900i ideal for lighter commercial applications. Also, the XPH-5900i contains the capacity for immense extraction and the addition of cleaning chemicals with its 4.5 gallon solution tank and 4 gallon recovery tank.

The XTreme Power XPH-5900i, like all Daimer’s carpet cleaners, is a high-quality machine. As such, its durable housing provides for long-lasting carpet cleaning. The XPH-5900i comes standard with Daimer’s 10” cleaning wand with a single jet and a special grip handle. The included solution and vacuum hoses are 20’ each, this is a 10’ upgrade each for FREE! Additionally, customers have the option to enhance the versatility of their carpet cleaners by purchasing an additional upholstery and/or stair wand.

All of Daimer’s carpet cleaners are even more effective when used with Eco-Green® Carpet Care, an environmentally-safe, biodegradable, bio-based cleaner. Containing no soaps, detergents, or harmful ingredients, Eco-Green® leads to incredible results when used with the XTreme Power XPH-5900i low moisture steam carpet cleaners.

XTreme Power XPH-5800T

XTreme Power XPH-5800T
The XTreme Power XPH-5800T is a powerful heated carpet steam cleaner. This machine is one of Daimer’s robust commercial steam cleaners. Unlike steam cleaners, this heated carpet steam cleaner does not contain a boiler tank, but rather uses a different type of heating element to reach its commanding temperature. Using a 1-tank heating element, the XPH-5800T is capable of reaching high temperatures of up to 150º F for the added cleaning power that heat provides over non-heated carpet cleaners, capable of killing germs embedded in carpets. Rapidly reaching temperature in only 15 minutes is another added benefit of the XPH-5800T. Though heated carpet cleaners are more expensive than non-heated units, the XPH-5800T has extreme cleaning capabilities far beyond that of standard carpet cleaners or extractors that are not heated. Additionally, while other carpet cleaners may take more than 24 hours for carpets to dry, carpets cleaned with the XPH-5800T dry in only 4.

Weighing a mere 40 lbs., this carpet cleaner is a highly portable unit, ideal for virtually any commercial application requiring steam carpet cleaners that can be easily moved. Additionally, this machine has a 4.5 gallon solution tank and 4 gallon recovery tank. This allows for the addition of chemicals for added cleaning power.

Adding to the power of this steam carpet cleaner, the XPH-5800T is driven by a 2 stage motor creating a 100 inch water lift, 100 cfm air flow and 60 psi pump pressure; providing this machine with immense extraction capabilities in addition to the cleaning power of its heated functionality.

The XTreme Power XPH-5800T is made up of only the highest quality components, as are all of Daimer’s carpet cleaners. This includes a 10 inch single jet cleaning wand with a special grip handle and two 20 foot hoses, a vacuum hose and a solution hose. That is a 10 foot upgrade on both for Free! Additionally, customers can choose to purchase an optional upholstery wand for more versatile cleaning.

For allergy sufferers, the use of steam carpet cleaners like the XPH-5800T combined with Eco-Green® Carpet Care is the ideal combination for removing allergens and relieving allergy and asthma symptoms.

XTreme Power XPC-5700

XTreme Power XPC-5700
The XTreme Power XPC-5700 is one of Daimer’s home and commercial grade carpet cleaners. The XPC-5700 is not heated, but is powered by a robust 2 stage motor providing a water lift of 100 inches, air flow of 100 cfm, and a pump pressure of 60 psi. At only 40 lbs., this machine is highly portable and beneficial for a variety of commercial and home applications.

Despite its portable configuration, this rugged carpet cleaner features the same low-flow technology as all of Daimer’s robust carpet cleaners. This greatly reduces the time it takes for your carpets to dry. While most carpet cleaners in the industry require a full 24 hours for drying, the XTreme Power XPC-5700 only needs 6 hours.

This vigorous carpet cleaner features a 4.5 gallon solution tank and 4 gallon recovery tank. Though the machine is not heated, users can add water up to 210 ºF for the greater cleaning power that hot water provides. Even though the XPC-5700 does not have the added power to kill germs which heated carpet extractors have built in, this carpet cleaner still has the capability to powerfully suction up any dirt and solution in a variety of carpet surfaces.

For added versatility and power, the XTreme Power XPC-5700 comes with a 10” single jet cleaning wand with a special grip handle and 20’ of solution and recovery hose. An upholstery wand is available to purchase for use with the XPC-5700. And, as with all of Daimer’s carpet cleaners, the XTreme Power XPC-5700 is comprised of only the highest quality components. This enhances its ruggedness and prolongs the life of Daimer’s carpet cleaners.

Daimer’s carpet cleaners are most effective when paired with Eco-Green® Carpet Care. This environmentally-safe, 100% biodegradable, plant-based formula is designed to quickly emulsify any grease, oils, soaps or other substances that can tarnish the look of your carpet. When combined with this carpet cleaners extraction capabilities, this duo can pull up all dirt and grease that is imbedded within the fibers of fabric and rugs.

The XTreme Power XPC-5700 is the ideal machine for homeowners and commercial users who require a portable yet powerful carpet cleaner with a variety of extraction capabilities.