Thursday, February 24, 2011

Benefits of Carpet Cleaners with High Pressure Levels

Portable Carpet Cleaner
Carpet cleaners are available as heated and non-heated machines. Non-heated versions are generally meant for light cleaning applications. However, to efficiently tackle heavy-duty cleaning tasks in commercial and industrial settings, you simply cannot do without heated carpet cleaning machines. By emitting hot water at high temperatures, such carpet cleaning equipment helps to dissolve tough stains and dirt unbelievably fast.

To manage routine cleaning tasks in residential or commercial settings, it would be ideal to purchase carpet cleaners with pressure levels ranging between 60 to 100 psi. However, these pressure levels do not suffice when it comes to managing challenging cleaning jobs in industrial environments. For such demanding jobs, you need to be equipped with carpet cleaners capable of generating pressure levels of up to 500 psi. Such machines as Daimer®’s XTreme Power® XPH-9600 feature adjustable temperatures and pressure levels for maximum benefits.

The XTreme Power® XPH-9600 is an industrial carpet cleaning machine that can generate pressure levels of 500 psi and temperatures of up to 210ºF. The low flow technology of these carpet steam cleaners serves to prevent water wastage, allow carpets to dry in just 2 hours, and to prevent mold and fungus from forming within carpets. With a solution tank of 17-gallon capacity and recovery tank of 15-gallon capacity, this carpet cleaning equipment has been designed for nonstop use in industrial environments. It’s no wonder the XTreme Power® XPH-9600 is widely used by cleaning professionals.

Remember that carpets must be pre-sprayed before cleaning. Daimer® recommends using Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner for safe and effective cleaning. For more information on carpet cleaners with high pressure levels, visit and make your purchase today.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Benefits of Heated Carpet Cleaners

heated carpet cleaner
Heated carpet cleaners are carpet cleaning systems that provide a reasonably high temperature output. They are used for tough cleaning applications in various places, including hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and apartment complexes. Carpet cleaners with heating elements provide additional cleaning power for tough stains.

These machines offer a number of benefits to help those who need to get carpets clean quickly and effectively. The following information provides insight on a few benefits offered by Daimer® with their heated carpet cleaning machines.

Better Cleaning
The main benefit of carpet cleaning machines from Daimer® is the enhanced cleaning efficiency feature. Heated machines, such as the XTreme Power® XPH-9200 can provide an output temperature of 210°F. The heated output helps in breaking the bond between impurities and the surface. As a result, the cleaning process will be quicker and more effective than vacuuming or scrubbing carpets manually.

For the best results, one must use carpet cleaners from Daimer® equipped with multiple heating elements. Such machines can reach the maximum output temperature within a matter of minutes.

Quicker Drying
Experienced cleaning professionals know that carpets and mats soak up large amounts of water while cleaning. They also know that carpets an rugs must be dry before they can be used, whether by staff, guests, or customers. Wet carpets, if used immediately after cleaning, tend to attract more dirt and impurities immediately as opposed to dry carpets. The carpets will soon need cleaning again.

Therefore, quick drying is important for all parties concerned. Heated carpet cleaners from Daimer® utilize low flow technology. With this feature, machines such as the XPH-9300 can allow carpets to dry in as little as 2 hours. Because carpets must be pre-sprayed with a cleaning solution beforehand, Daimer® recommends using their Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner as a safe and effective alternative to toxic chemicals.

Daimer®, a quality distributor of cleaning products, offers high quality carpet cleaner machines made with top-end parts. For more details about these and other products from Daimer®, visit