Thursday, September 8, 2011

Multiple Benefits of Choosing Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Cleaner
When it comes to maintaining carpets, thorough vacuuming is perhaps the technique most people trust. To clean carpets in commercial areas such as offices or malls, people generally depend on professional cleaning services. But did you know that both these options have their own limitations? Vacuuming will help remove only the particulate matter on carpet surfaces. Hiring cleaning professionals will be good for your carpets but will cost a bundle.

It is time to seek better options, such as using carpet cleaners. Today, advanced carpet extractors are popularly used in commercial and industrial environments. Amazingly, carpet shampooers will help to attain excellent results that often surpass the results provided by cleaning professionals. The XTreme Power® series of carpet cleaners available from Daimer® is among the fastest selling carpet cleaning machines. These carpet shampooers are especially notable for their low flow technology that allows carpets to dry faster.

Using a traditional carpet extractor involves leaving the carpet to dry for up to 24 hours. When you use the XTreme Power® range of carpet cleaners, your carpets will be clean, dry, and fresh-smelling in just one to six hours. Since the low flow technology also means ejection of low-moisture steam, it will help keep water usage to a minimum.

To ensure complete removal of tough stains and dirt from carpets, the XTreme Power® series of carpet cleaners has been empowered with the capability to generate water at temperatures as high as 210ºF.

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