Monday, March 22, 2010

Carpet Cleaners – Why Low Flow Is the Preferred Option

Low flow or low moisture technology is an important feature many buyers look for when purchasing a carpet cleaner. This technology reduces the amount of water used without restricting the cleaning power.

Reducing the amount of water for cleaning carpets is beneficial in many ways other than decreasing utility bills. This is especially true for commercial carpet cleaning, where you often have to pay a tax or surcharge for excessive water usage. Carpet cleaners that use less water for cleaning will also produce less wastewater.

The amount of water used will also affect drying times. Carpet cleaners using higher volumes of water will leave the carpet wetter. This means that the carpet will require at least 24 hours to dry — more if the weather is humid or cold.

You can avoid this problem by using carpet cleaners equipped with low flow technology. When you use minimal water for cleaning, most will be suctioned out with the machine's powerful extraction. Very little moisture will remain in carpets or upholstery. This moisture will evaporate quickly, leaving the carpet completely dry in only 1 to 6 hours. Quick drying is essential in commercial areas with high traffic, where a wet carpet can deter business.

Often, wet carpeting develops unpleasant odors within hours of cleaning since dampness promotes mold and bacteria growth. These germs contribute to a poor and unhealthy indoor environment. Keeping all these factors in mind, many commercial carpet cleaner users opt for low flow machines.