Monday, February 27, 2012

Carpet Cleaning Machines for Heat Sensitive Carpets

Carpet cleaning machines have become technologically advanced in recent times. A host of new features are available with machines from industry leaders which have significantly changed the way carpet cleaning is done for both residential and commercial carpets.

While steam carpet cleaners are ideal for cleaning carpets used in high traffic commercial areas, such powerful action cannot be endured by heat sensitive carpets. For cleaning such rugs and carpets, non-heated carpet cleaning machines are recommended by industry experts.

Using the Versatile Action of Non Heated Carpet Cleaners for Advanced Cleaning
Non heated carpet cleaners are versatile and can be used to clean almost all types of carpets. They are easy to operate and require very little maintenance as compared to the heated varieties. It can be argued that the cleaning power of non heated cleaning machines is less when compared to that of a carpet steam cleaner. However, this can be easily compensated by using green, eco-friendly chemicals that deep clean the carpets but do not damage their sensitive threads.

Non heated carpet cleaners are comparatively less expensive than the heated models. Yet they provide versatility in the cleaning application and can be used for various carpet cleaning chemicals which is then injected with water into the carpet using the cleaning machine’s nozzle. The operator than uses the powerful extraction features of the machine to extract out all stains, water and residual dirt leaving the carpets ultra clean.

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