Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dual Function Carpet Cleaners — Two Amazing Cleaning Machines in One

Dual Function Carpet Cleaners
Many people purchase a carpet cleaning machine and a hard surface cleaner when faced with the task of cleaning hard floors and carpets. However, with new advanced cleaning machines, it is now possible to achieve the benefits of both these machine in a single unit. Such amazing cleaning capabilities are now available in the XTreme Power® series of carpet cleaners from Daimer®.

Carpet cleaners in the XTreme Power® series are the best options for individuals and companies seeking single cleaning machines to deep clean carpets and maintain hard surface floors.

The XTreme Power® XPH-5810CH is among those dual-function carpet cleaners that utilize low moisture levels and high temperatures to deep clean carpets, leaving them dry in just 4 hours. The powerful heating system in these carpet-cleaning machines helps generate steam at temperatures of 150ºF. Such temperature levels ensure superior carpet cleaning results that would be difficult to achieve with non-heated models of carpet cleaning machines.

Pressure levels of 100 psi enable the XTreme Power® XPH-5810CH to simultaneously accomplish cleaning and extraction functions on hard surfaces, such as concrete, tiles, marble, vinyl, VCT, and linoleum floors. These carpets cleaners also feature a 4-jet squeegee wand tool that allows them to clean hard floors in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, and walkways.

A comprehensive range of advanced, dual function carpet cleaners is available at www.daimer.com.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why Carpet Cleaners Are Important

Carpets are common flooring materials found in many areas within business, offices, and other commercial/industrial facilities. However, when it comes to cleaning them, many people simply use a vacuum cleaner. These units are highly inefficient when it comes to cleaning carpets, as they only remove dirt and dust from the surface. To thoroughly clean and maintain carpets, carpet cleaners or carpet extractors are necessary.

Most people tend to underestimate the impression a clean carpet can make on prospective customers. However, the whether it is a movie theater or a hotel, a dirty carpet can turn off customers. Worst of all, a negative feedback by customers can spoil your the reputation of your business.

It is important to remember that looks are not the only reason why carpet cleaners are important. A clean and well-maintained carpet will last much longer. In offices and businesses, carpets are subject to heavy traffic, spills, and other food and ink stains. Allowing these things to sit on your carpet will invite germs and bacteria to seep right into the material. Before you know it, the carpets will have to replaced, costing you more money. This expense is easily avoided by using carpet cleaners on a regular basis.

The regular use of Daimer® XTreme Power® carpet cleaners will make your working environment safer and cleaner. What makes Daimer's steam carpet cleaning machines unique is their use of low flow technology, this translates to faster drying times and virtually no risk of harmful mold or mildew growth that often results from damp carpets. Regular carpet cleaning makes sure these elements do not have a chance to take root and grow. There is much more information available about carpet cleaners at www.daimer.com.