Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why Are Low Flow Rug Shampooing Machines So Popular?

Rug Shampooing Machine
In homes, offices, restaurants, retail stores, and other settings with carpeted areas, maintenance professionals spend a lot of time and effort on rug shampooing. Given the tendency of carpets to quickly accumulate dust, dirt, and stains, maintaining carpets in all its soft feel and appeal is not an easy job. Remember that vacuuming only helps eliminate surface particles, it does nothing to soften or remove dried dirt and tough stains. For this reason, cleaning experts now utilize the cleaning action of carpet washer machines to maintain carpeted surfaces.

To ensure superior rug shampooing results, it is integral to utilize high grade rug washer machines empowered with advanced capabilities and technologies. Carpet steamer systems from leading suppliers are notable for their low flow cleaning technologies that offer a range of benefits, such as:

1) Low water usage keeps water consumption minimal and prevents carpets from getting extremely soaked.

• Carpets maintained using low flow rug shampooing machines dry faster. While cold water-based versions allow the carpets to be dry in about 6 hours, the heated versions achieve the same in as less as 1-4 hours.

2) Low use of water prevents carpets from getting drenched and thus cuts the risk of mold development.
• Since carpets do not get too wet and then dry completely in a couple of hours, the rug shampooing systems eliminate the chances of foul odors emanating from carpets.

Hot moisture ejected by carpet washer systems helps dissolve the toughest stains and dirt deposits. For best results, try using the XTreme Power® series of low flow rug shampooing machines available from Daimer®.