Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to Buy Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaners?

Truck mounted carpet cleaners are used for extreme cleaning tasks, that is to clean the virtually uncleanable mud-filled carpets and upholstery.

These are not only more powerful than ordinary machines, but different from such machines in many aspects. So, the same yardsticks that you apply for purchasing ordinary carpet cleaning machines do not necessarily matter for buying truck mounted carpet cleaners.

The following are the three essential things that you must check when buying truck mountable carpet washers.

1. Power
2. Hose length
3. Flexibility

Since truck mounted carpet cleaners are used for tougher cleaning tasks, the cleaning power of these machines needs to be higher. For an ordinary machine, the maximum pressure level offered is 500 psi, but for a truck mountable equipment, the minimum pressure level required is 500 psi.

The same applies to the temperature levels offered by these systems. It is better to buy a machine in which the temperature level can be adjusted, depending upon the nature of the surface or complexity of the cleaning task.

Hose Length
Since truck mounted carpet cleaners involve cleaning within a large area, hose length is an important factor. The longer the hose, the easier will be the cleaning job, as the operator can cover a large area without moving the machine. However, rarely one would come across a cleaning task that requires a hose of length greater than 200 feet.

This is not possible with all the machines, but there are truck mounted carpet cleaners that can be used to clean hard surfaces. Such truck mount machines offer greater flexibility and utility.